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Larwin Park Land Swap Dropped

ImageFor the last two years, Cypress School District has worked exclusively with the City of Buena Park on a potential development of the city-owned property known as Larwin Park and a subsequent exchange of that developed site for the District-owned Dickerson School site.

Cypress School District has learned that the City of Buena Park will no longer be pursuing this proposed development.  While this decision is disappointing, we understand and appreciate the city’s considerations and its commitment to the community that we both serve.

Cypress School District believes education is a community endeavor and thanks the City of Buena Park and our community for their support.  We will continue this effort as we work collaboratively to maximize use of our assets in ways that will benefit the community and generations of future students.

The article above was released by the Cypress School District.

Editor’s note: the residents of the neighborhood surrounding Larwin Park and the now-closed Dickerson Elementary School put a lot of effort into opposing this land swap. This is only a partial victory, in that the Cypress School District will continue its efforts to identify a way to make revenue from the closed school.

Source = OC Breeze