What Buyers & Sellers Want From Real Estate Agents

A recent panel at a Real Estate Conference last week gave buyers and sellers the chance to share their first-hand insights into what they really think about working with real estate agents. Here were some of the tips the consumers had for agents, according to a recent article at Inman News:

Educate but watch your delivery: Home buyer Dora M. Abreau said at the conference that when something unexpected comes up in the buying process, she doesn’t like it when agents say: “’Oh, you didn’t know about that?’ … That’s why I’m coming to you — for professional expertise and advice on the process,” Abreau said.

Build trust: Home buyer Matthew Cavnar said that trust is the most important trait when choosing a real estate agent. He said one way agents can build trust is if they take time to carefully listen to the customer’s priorities. Cavnar says that he sometimes felt like agents had a set checklist of properties they wanted to take him too, regardless of his priorities.

Be accessible: Cavnar said that the agent he chose  “made himself very accessible and his communication by e-mail” was frequent.

Paperless transactions: Electronic signatures and e-documents would simplify the process and make it easier, Cavnar also noted.

Source = RealtorMag

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